Events to Further the Initiative

Follow us on Facebook and Instagram to find out about upcoming events related to the Complete Streets initiative. Often, the level of turnout at these events is critical for showing policy leaders that this is an important issue for Birmingham.


Le Tour De Ham - Bicycle Ride

A casual, social, and fun bicycle ride where no spandex is required. Le Tour De Ham is a weekly 10 mile loop ride that occurs every Tuesdays evening around downtown Birmingham. The ride begins in various locations depending on the week. Le Tour De Ham also offers a beginner pace ride on Saturdays. Learn more at their website


Trample and Other Bicycle Rides

Trample is a causal 8 to 10 mile ride around downtown Birmingham that occurs every Thursday evening. The weekly ride is organized by Redemptive Cycles and all riders are welcome. Learn about Trample and several other rides at their website


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